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latest best holi sms 2018,whatsapp, facebook status & msg to friends

Happy Holi 2018 latest top sms, facebook, whatsapp status, hike message for friends and family Happy Holi to all of you and best wishes on Holi from my site. Have a great holi of the year 2018. people celebrate this with friends, family and others. Play with colours, celebrate it with happiness and joy and be safe while applying colour to others. So finally holi came people are waiting for this day from long time and the day has come. Here are the latest best sms, best wishes on holi 2018, whatsapp messages and holi ki shayari, if you like then share with your friends , family and others.

Happy Holi 2018 best wishes, holi celebration and importance all about holi 

Holi is a traditional festival of Hindu's, it is celebrated from the ancient time in Bharat (india), this is the festival of colours, and Holi is
celebrated every year in India, it's subcontinents and other countries like US, canada, brazil, Germany
Poland, russia and many more. So everyone like this because it is the…

New Year resolution 2018 ( नए साल का संकल्‍प क्‍या है )

Happy new year 2018 to all readers. Here we have entered in a new year that is 2018. We all are very happy, people will be celebrating and enjoying new year parties. Now new year came so most of the people thinking about new challenges, target or goals that they want to achieve in this year, for that they might have thinking and may have planned. Some people make some resolution, they observe their failure and causes and the things that gave them failure or made them lag.

So people plan resolution, resolution can be to acquire something new or to avoid bad things, to leave bad habits. Resolution are very important for us, it help us to develop your self sustainably. New year resolution is a tradition, mostly followed in westerned glob, but now this tradition becoming popular in eastern glob also, basically to make some improvement and avoid mistakes that we have done in previous year.

What is new year resolution ( नए साल का संकल्‍प क्‍या है )

New year resolution is basically kind of habit or improvement step that people take in new year. That resolution may be leaving bad habits like smoking, drinking, abusing etc. Or it may be improvement like work effectively, think twice before action, good friends, good things, acquire good habits. Overall new year resolutions are some habits or action that we either leave or add in our life to achieve something.

Importance of new year resolution

New year resolution is very important for everyone, not only new year but resolution if we take it in a right way. If you want to achieve something or you were doing something wrong that was making you feel bad or decreasing your identity or effort. Than you should make some resolution to overcome these problems. If you were waiting for the right time, than this is the right time to start.

Best new year resolution

New year resolution are very common for all age of people to make life more good. Students, professional and even normal people also can make some resolution. 
Some common resolutions are like.

For Athlete, Gym person and Healthy peoples

  • Lose weight
  • Gain Musscles
  • Lose Fat
  • Build Biceps
  • Build Six packs
  • Eat helthy
  • Daily Goggings
  • Early to bed early to rise
  • No Beer , No Alcohol
  • Drink more water

For Students

  • Be focus and be practicle
  • All work in time
  • Raise your performance
  • Make balance in Play and Study
  • Repeate whole day learning once before sleep
  • Respect others and yourself
  • Set your target

Best new year resolution list